Ionic installation

1.System Requirements

Base on IONIC requirement. Please select the operating system on which you are installing IONIC:


After unzip the download package, you'll found a source folder with all the files. The main source code

How to run you app With Android or IOS ?

  • Download Require Tools

    • Download and install these right away to ensure an optimal Ionic development experience:

      • Node.js for interacting with the Ionic ecosystem. Download the LTS version here.

      • A code editor for... writing code! We are fans of Visual Studio Code.

      • Command-line interface/terminal (CLI):

        • Windows users: for the best Ionic experience, we recommend the built-in command line (cmd) or the Powershell CLI, running in Administrator mode.

        • Mac/Linux users, virtually any terminal will work.

1.Open Project In IONIC Directory

2.Open CMD through Address Bar ../cmd