How to Generate Signed APK

  1. 1.
    Open Android studio
2. Open an existing Android Studio project
3. Go to specific path of your code : barber_app -> android
4. Select android
Click OK
Wait while build finish successfully.
After build finish :
Select Build Menu -> Generate Signed Bundle/APK..
After Selecting Generate Signed Bundle/APK.. You can see above dialog box.
Here you have 2 option
  1. 1.
    Android App Bundle
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Select App Bundle to Generate Signed APK.
You can see above dialog box :
If you are Generate first time signed apk at that time you need CREATE NEW KEYSTORE PATH
so that first click on Create new... After click create new... , You can see below dialog box
Fill Necessary Details : Key store path , Keystore Password Keystore confirm Password, KEY Alias, Alias Password, Alias confirm password, validity(years), Certificate: First & Last Name
OTHER Details are optional.
Select key store path :
NOTE : (Select a specific path where you want to store KEY STORE File. This file will use while every time when you want to publish apk or Update application to google play store. So that keep it safe location and save it.)
Set Password and Confirm Password
Alias: Set Alias Name
Alias Password: Sel Alias Password
Alias Confirm Password: Sel Alias Confirm Password
Validity : in years
Certificate :
First name and Last Name:
AFTER Fill UP All Details Click OK
Then you can see previous dialog box with keystore path filled as your given data.
Enter Keystore password , key alias , and key Password as you given while creating keystore path.
Click NEXT
Here you need to select build Variants : release
Signature versions : V1 and V2
You can select Signature version for secure apk file from reverse engineering.
Click Finish.
Generating Signed apk take 3-4 minute to Generate Signed APK.