Website Addon Module

To combine website, go through following steps

Step 1:

copy website folder from controller/website
paste in app/Http/Controllers/
your folder structure of app/Http/Controllers/ will look like this

Step 2:

copy images folder from public/images
paste in public/
your folder structure of public/ will look like this

Step 3:

copy website folder from public/website
paste in public/includes/
your folder structure of public/includes/ will look like this

Step 4:

copy website folder from views/website
paste in resources/views/
your folder structure of resources/views/ will look like this

Step 5:

Open file routes/web.php
copy website section and paste in routes/web.php file after Auth::routes();
remove following lines in your route/web.php
Route::get('/', function () {
return redirect('owner/login');
Route::get('/login', function () {
return redirect('owner/login');
Now run your website by just entering your domain.