Admin Panel Installation

The Barber is one of the #1 mobile app for your salon business. After purchase when you do the installation you simply have to follow the below steps and make sure to keep your license key with you.
Open your URL: http://YourURL/license/installer/
Lets Begin The The Installation Process
Step 1:
Check if your server has valid php version and required extensions.
Step 2:
Once our system finds out that the server requirement is met properly it will proceed to next step which is license validation. there are lots of people selling infected code and to stop that we have implemented license security system. you will have to download license code from your envato account and your envato user name in order to validate the purchase
Requirement :
Purchase Code
Envato Username
Step 3:
Once you have successfully validated your purchase now you will have to create a blank database and you have to enter those details below.
  • Database Host
  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database name
Step 4:
If you are at step 4 means you almost won the battle, you just have to view login admin email id and password which will be later used for logging into the backend panel.
After complete this step your installation is complete successfully and get your login screen after clicking on proceed to the login button.